Viña Meín, a Good Wine from Ribeiro

It was 1988 when Javier Alén, together with a group of relatives and friends, launched the project of making a traditional Galician white wine. They were very enthusiastic about going back to the origins of Ribeiro, using the native Galician vine varieties that had given the area wines so much fame and renown in the XVI and XVII centuries. Thus, they replanted 16 hectares of vineyard in the best slopes of the Valle de Avia (San Clodio and Gomariz) with Treixadura, Godello, Loureira, Torrontés, Albariño, Lado and Albilla and built a modern and well-equipped winery, which later was expanded into a small and cosy charming hotel for those who want to rest and love wine tasting.

About 100,000 bottles are made at Viña Meín each year. Most of them have an ageing of 6-8 months in steel containers and then a few thousand go through a process of ageing in 500 litres oak barrels. In addition, 1,500 bottles of Tinto Clásico coming from 400 Caiño Longo, Mencía and Ferrón vines are also produced. And, of course, aguardientes (spirits) with a high alcohol percentage.

 Viña Meín, which mainly distributes its wines in Galicia, also exports 20% of its production to Europe and the USA.